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The test262 namespace is intended to hold information pertinent to the design, development, and execution of test262 tests which can be found on the official test262 website. — David Fugate 2011/02/01 09:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the FAQ section for a list of frequently asked questions pertaining to the test suite, website, test harness, etc.

Test Submissions

Test262 is being jointly developed by the members of Ecma TC39. Ecma’s intellectual property policies, permit only Ecma members to directly contribute code to the project. The repository and website are managed by the core team. However, there are other ways you can help that are covered in the Community Contributions section below.

Ecma members should visit the test submission process page for the technical requirements with respect to submitting tests.

Community Contributions

While we’re only able to take back test source contributions from Ecma members, there are other ways you can help out with this conformance effort. For one, there are literally thousands of individual test cases comprising the test262 test suite and it’s unlikely that all of them are correctly implemented. We need your help in:

  • carefully scrutinizing the test suite looking for cases that are validating behavior not specified in the ES5 specifications document
  • spotting assertions that are flat-out wrong with respect to ES5
  • identifying test holes

While we’d prefer your feedback in the form of bug reports, you’re also welcome to report test262 issues directly on the test262 mailing list which you can join here.

Running the Test262 Suite

Test262 is runnable via a web browser interface and from the command line. To run in a browser, simply navigate to the official test262 website, click the Run tab followed by the Start button.

To run from the command line, see test262 command line.

Work Items

A list of Test262 infrastructure and test work items can be found here.

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