JS has too many statements! This proposal makes it easier to do all the flexible things you can do with statements while still producing a useful result and plugging that back into an expression context.

Compound expressions with side-effects are possible with comma-expressions, but limited and awkward, and they can’t bind temporary variables. ES4 had multiple variations on let, but this took up valuable grammar real estate.

This proposal is an alternative to the deferred let expressions, which simply introduces a way to treat a block statement as an expression by prefixing it with do.


x = do { let t = f(); t * t + 1 };
print(do { let x = f(); g(x, x) });


PrimaryExpression :
    "do" Block
ExpressionStatement :
    [lookahead ∉ { "{", "function", "do" }] Expression ;

// "..." means existing members defined elsewhere


The semantics of a do expression is simple: evaluate the body and produce its completion value.

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