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This is a wiki for the ongoing specification work of Ecma TC39, the technical committee tasked with standardization of the ECMAScript programming language. Most of the wiki is world-readable, meaning that anyone can view the pages. Certain sections are restricted to members of the technical committee.

The wiki is running on DokuWiki, a wiki program for editing documentation. It has several features which are helpful for that task. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the mechanisms of the wiki.

Please see syntax for a description of the wiki’s markup language. It is very lightweight, similar to plaintext.

ECMAScript 5th Edition

The ECMAScript 5th Edition specification was approved as an Ecma Standard in December 2009. ECMAScript 5.1, approved in June 2011, is a maintenance revision of the ECMAScript 5 specification. ECMAScript 5.1 corrects technical and editorial errors in the 5th Edition. The content of Edition 5.1 is identical to the ISO edition of the ES5 specification. The ECMAScript 5.1 specification can be accessed here:

Erratum for ECMAScript 5th Edition doc pdf (Updated July 31, 2010)

Follow this link to access historic drafts of the ECMAScript 5 specification.

Track status of ES5 implementations in progress

Issues related to the ES5 specification can be discussed on the ES5-discuss mailing list or reported with the bug tracking system.
Discuss issues with the ES5 spec ECMAScript Bug Tracking System

Subdirectories of the wiki

DokuWiki permits organization of pages into subdirectories (or “namespaces”). I have added a few namespaces to help organize our work. Anyone can add new namespaces, just like anyone can add new pages, but it helps if we keep the number few so that we can find one another’s work.

Active work related to future ECMAScript revision - code named Harmony:

Other current subdirectories:

Known obsolete:

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