Fixing ''typeof''

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We are adding some new fundamental types in edition 4. What should the result of typeof be when a value of one of these new types is its operand?

Based on the need for backward compatibility, we have decided on the following results for typeof:

Type Result Comment
Undefined “undefined”
Null “null” es4 bug fix
Boolean “boolean”
Number “number”
String “string”
XML “xml” new to e4x, but with no special case for Namespace
XMLList “xml” ditto
Object (native and doesn’t implement [Call]) “object”
Object (native and implements [Call]) “function”
Class “function”typeof String === “function”
Interface “object”
Namespace “object”
int “number”
uint “number”

I think it is too late to fix typeof. The change proposed for typeof null will break existing code. For example, isNull functions have been written by idiots as

  function isNull(a) {
      return typeof a == 'object' && !a;

It is possible to write an isNull that performs correctly with the fixed typeof, but existing code cannot anticipate the change.

Perhaps a better alternative is a new operator, maybe called typeString, which works the way typeof should work, including

  typeString [] === 'array'

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This proposal was split from bug fixes, but neither this proposal nor the bug fixes in that proposal are backward-compatible. Instead we anticipate some amount of version checking will be required, for some of these fixes. We don’t know whether any of these changes will be acceptable without content “opting in”. We were planning to implement and test before finalizing the standard. And the standard is going to live for a long time and show up in places where prior web content does not matter, so we intended to fix small problems that trip people up repeatedly.

In this light, any thoughts? I would like to edit this proposal to be free of discussion – if I add qualification about version checking probably being required, and how this will be specified normatively one way or the other in ES4, would that suffice?

Brendan Eich 2006/09/05 21:39

I like this fix. New code will definitely be better for it. But the old code breaks.

How would version checking work? What does an application look at to determine the version? Perhaps that doesn’t matter because old code does not know to ask. Or are you saying that it works the other way, that the language processor has version modes, and the application asks for the one it is confortable with?

Douglas Crockford 2006/09/06 21:34

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