These are proposals we’re not addressing any further.

Standard library issues

  • :!: containers, some standard container types (hashtables, red-black trees or skip-lists, sets, queues).
    • status: desires hashcodes, type parameters; otherwise can be done by ecosystem.
  • :!: networking, some network-access classes.
    • status: filesystem and network seem like host object issues

Deferred / post-ES4 ideas

These are issues that we probably can’t nail down by march / april, but might want to at least talk briefly about, with the vague hope that we’re not actually making them impossible to add later.

  • macros, the proposal to implement some form of macro-expansion stage to the execution model.
  • quoting, the proposal to add (quasi-) quoting mechanisms.
  • linked namespaces, the proposal to permit one namespace to extend another.
  • Dave Herman's discussion of contracts (with a bit on macros at the end)
  • contracts, the proposal to add dynamic contracts with precise blame annotation.
  • type inference, a dark horse proposal inspired by thinking about what unannotated variables might mean if not “top type”, and then stumbling across haXe.
  • debug helpers, a proposal for standardized debugging interfaces and diagnostic utilities
  • type refinements, the proposal for a syntactic form allowing type annotations to be refined (narrowed) with dynamic predicates.
  • security wrappers, a proposal for trying to wrap objects with security policies.
  • documentation, the proposal for optional documentation texts for functions and variables [owner: Lars]
  • enumeration type, a proposal on the introduction of enumeration types.
  • program configuration, a proposal to allow programs to be configured during the definition phase
  • bound this, a proposal to allow this to be bound to methods on plain objects
  • self type, a proposal to allow the type Self (exact name TBD) in structural object types. Probably deprecated.
  • oopKoolAid, a controversial/difficult subproposal broken out from dictionary

Retracted specs or proposals

These are issues that we’ve decided not to do, along with some rationale.

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