Grammar notation


(Also see the discussion page for this proposal)

The normative grammar should be written using the notation described here: JS2.0 Grammar Notation.

The language the normative grammar describes should be LR(1), but not necessarily LL(k)

The grammar should describe the translation to the abstract syntax trees that are input the to verifier (type checker) and evaluator


  • LR(k) grammars are easier to read than LL(k) grammars
  • LR(1) grammars are sufficiently powerful to describe the ES4 syntax (to be proven by experiment)
  • By eliminating left recursion and left factoring most of the grammar can be implemented as an efficient (top-down) predictive parser

Sample grammar rules

The wiki formatting is pretty limited, so the notation for grammar rules should be simple. Here is an example of one alternative:

IdentifierIdentifier | ContextuallyReservedIdentifier

QualifierReservedNamespace | PropertyIdentifier

SimpleQualifiedIdentifierPropertyIdentifier | Qualifier :: PropertyIdentifier | Qualifier :: ReservedIdentifier | Qualifier :: Brackets

StatementSuperStatement Semicolon | Block | IfStatement | SwitchStatement | DoStatement Semicolon | WhileStatement | ForStatement | WithStatement | ContinueStatement Semicolon | BreakStatement Semicolon | ReturnStatement Semicolon | ThrowStatement Semicolon | TryStatement | ExpressionStatement Semicolon | LabeledStatement | DefaultXMLNamespaceStatement

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