Meeting time: 11:00 Pacific


  • Introductions, Maciej Stachowiak.
  • Organize this agenda to fit in one hour (Mozilla people have a stop at noon).
  • From last meeting:
  • Hand out action items by end of meeting
    • so we can parallelize more and avoid serialing through long call-in meetings.


Tel: 866 705 2554 (us), 913 227 1201 (int’l)

Participant Passcode: 548041

Breeze standing meeting room: http://adobe.breezecentral.com/ecmatg1


  • Lars, Graydon, Blake, Brendan, Jeff, Dan Smith, Francis, Ed.
  • Going over mid-level issues.
    • Graydon annotating status on these
    • Everyone to comment on iterators and generators
    • Brendan to do something on enumerability
  • Ed’s Edition 3 in Edition 4 proposal
    • this:T for unbound method declarations, needed for function type signatures too
      • But what does it mean, and why is it used outside of dynamic prototype function?
      • Two issues: where the function is stored, how it binds this
      • Assumption is that it’s not useful to bind this only to a prototype, so prototype unbinds this in addition to saying where the function is stored
      • Perhaps use more attributes like {DD,DE,RO} to talk about where-bound and how-this-constrained
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