More Math Functions

Current spec proposal:

  • Candidate Library Extensions Spec 3/28/2011 doc pdf

Older assets

At the July 2011 TC39 meeting, we reviewed the spreadsheet below and the recommendation it contained for the new Math libraries to include with ES6. The word and pdf documents linked below include candidate spec text for this recommendation, as well as the Number and String extensions.

  • Spreadsheet comparing ECMAScript Math functions to other platforms xls
  • Candidate Library Extensions Spec 11/15/2011 doc pdf

There were a few issues raised during the July discussion - some of which are addressed in this spec text. Remaining open issues include:

  • Which (or both) of Java Sign and C signbit should be included? Proposal: Sign.
  • Should deg2rad/rad2deg be included? Proposal: No.
  • Request for randomInt(n)
  • Should gamma and erf be included?

At the May 2011 meeting TC39 agreed that it would be appropriate to add missing Math and Number functions. The actual functions to be added still need to be determined. The following inputs will be used in selecting that actual functions to include:

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